Collin Miller

Collin is currently available for contract development in Ruby on Rails and Javascript projects.

In fall of 2009 Collin contracted with to help build a web application for their internet archive service. This partnership culminated with a product launch on stage at TechCrunch50.

“Darrell Silver's app, [ Perpetually ], looks absolutely incredible.” Andrew Wilkinson, Interface Designer

The curators of Future Ruby invited Collin to speak at their Summer 2009 conference. Collin encouraged all developers to think deeply on the future of our craft.

“Loved your talk — nice challenges there for us all and well delivered dude.” Brian Leroux, Ruby Developer

In 2008 Collin presented to an auditorium of his peers at the premier “MerbCamp” conference in San Diego. His speech encouraged developers to think big and change the world.

“Collin, you nailed this presentation! Great job. Totally took me by surprise! :)” Matt Todd, Ruby Developer

As Editor-in-Chief at his high school newspaper Collin managed an editorial staff of eight. He handled extra photography, writing, design consulting, and technical training.

“Collin’s keen sense of guidance and his ability to resolve spontaneous problems with ease brought our monthly publication to new horizons.” — Mr. Kevin Hosbond, Fairfield High School Teacher of the Year

A television ad agency employed Collin as a video technician in a self-organizing department with strenuous workloads and strict deadlines. Collin made use of his precious free time learning from the video editors. Then he took over simple tasks freeing the editors to focus on more valuable work. In six months Collin aggressively “promoted” himself to editing videos the CEO used in industry-wide presentations.


Through his passion for improvised acting Collin has performed for audiences in excess of four hundred, keeping them laughing all the way. Improvising coherent scenes requires excellent team-working skills and “on your feet” thinking. In Improv, much like the rest of life, giving your team mates something to do and making them look great in the process reigns paramount. Most recently Collin has taken classes at

Dedication to Learning

Disappointed by the opportunities in the public school system Collin took control of his curriculum. As a “part-time” student Collin’s studies were interest driven. In his twelfth year Collin began an internship which turned into a full-time position. Collin entered the workforce as his peers finished out their Senior year. / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0